Block Halls Insurance

You can extend your Lancaster University basic cover to include protection for course fees and rent, criminal assault, legal expenses and also to cover valuable items outside of your accommodation, for accidental damage and theft anywhere within the UK, such as laptops, mobile phones, cycles, cameras, iPods, jewellery and other portable items.  


If you wish to extend your basic cover please call us on 0844 826 2042*

POLICY INFORMATION Lancaster University

Basic Cover Explained

Your possessions, desktop and laptop computer equipment are insured for theft, fire, flood, burst pipes, storm, vandalism, explosion and lightning. Cover applies within your accommodation, in any temporary residence and in transit at the beginning and end of each term.

Please note that Laptops are automatically covered whilst in direct transit to and from your accommodation to your University / College. They are also covered whilst they are on University / College grounds or whilst they are in University / College buildings.

This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of the policy and does not form the contract between you and the insurance provider, so please take the time to read the policy wording to make sure you understand the cover it provides.(If you purchased your policy before 01/04/2014 please call us for access to your policy documents)

Policy Wording (282.8 KB)

Policy Summary (269.5 KB)

How to make a claim

Full details of how to make a claim can be found in your policy wording or on our How to Make a Claim page. To start the claims process, please complete the UK Claims Form provided below.

Before submitting your form please read your policy schedule to make sure you have a valid claim and you're covered. You can send your completed form in the post:

Cover4students, Claims Team, Direct Group Property Services Limited, PO Box 800, Halifax, HX1 9ET

Or via email:

Claim Form (107.7 KB)


What Am I Insured Against

Lancaster University basic cover insures your personal possessions on a new for old basis against theft (whether or not someone physically breaks into your room/flat), fire, burst pipes, storm, vandalism, flood, explosion and lightning. In the event of a claim, items will be replaced as new, regardless of age or condition (except clothing, linen and rented household goods where a deduction is made for wear and tear).

How Much Am I Insured For?

Your personal possessions are insured whilst inside of your accommodation for up to £5,000 in total. In addition, a further £2,500 cover is provided for computer equipment within your accommodation. If you live with a partner and/or children, possessions cover is increased to £6,000. IMPORTANT: Pedal cycles are only included if registered. To register please call us on 0844 826 2042.


What's Covered

  • Personal possessions - up to £5,000 in total.
  • Computer equipment - up to £2,500 in total. Cover is extended to include accidental damage. 
  • In direct transit at the beginning and end of each university term - up to £5,000. 
  • In university designated storage during vacations - up to £5,000, for theft from forcible entry. 
  • In university and student union buildings - up to £500, for theft from forcible entry. 
  • University property on loan - up to £750. 
  • Replacement locks & keys - up to £300, following damage resulting from burglary. 
  • Rented household goods - up to £1,250. 
  • Personal money - up to £50, for theft from your room following forcible entry. 
  • Credit/debit card fraud - up to £500, following theft from your room following forcible entry. 
  • Personal accident - up to £50,000, on a scale of benefits. 
  • Accidental death of a parent or guardian - up to £9,000. 
  • Criminal assault - up to £500 for costs incurred as a direct result of a criminal assault, excluding theft. •Legal liability - up to £1,000,000 for injury to others or damage to their property. 
  • Food spoilage - up to £75, following mechanical failure of fridge/freezer. 
  • Criminal Assault- up to £500, excluding theft.
  • Mobile Phone- up to £500, for theft following forcible entry.
  • Damage to clothing- up to £300, for damage caused by faulty laundry equipment.
  • Landlord's property - up to £5,000 for theft or fire damage. 
  • Pedal cycles on university campus - up to £250, when locked in the university's designated cycle storage facilities (only covered if registered). 


Maximum Amounts Payable

The following categories of items are subject to a maximum amount payable during the period of insurance.

  • Possessions single item limit - up to £1,250.
  • Computer equipment - up to £2,500 in total.
  • Jewellery, watches and other valuables - up to £1,250 in total.
  • Audio, DVD, video and other data carrying media - up to £1,250 in total.


What's Not Insured

  • The first £10 of any loss
  • Pedal cycles: The first £25 of any loss 
  • Theft from vehicles (except where attended during transit at the beginning and end of term). 
  • Contact lenses.
  • Pedal cycles (unless registered).  
  • Cover outside of your accommodation (unless basic cover is extended).

Your Duty Of Care

You must, at all times, take all reasonable steps to prevent accidents, loss and damage.


If you wish to extend your basic cover please call us on 0844 826 2042*